Applying for an Employment Agency License

To get an Employment Agency License, you will need the following:


1. A signed “Declaration letter” confirming that you are going to operate from an office that;​

·         is accessible to persons with special needs.  (if not state where you are going to interview these         persons).


·         have a waiting room were candidates can wait before being interviewed.


·         have an interview room where a candidate is interviewed away from other candidates. ​​


(This letter is to be originally signed by the Competent Person and should include your Letter Head).

2. The Competent person is to be (a) not less than twenty-five years of age; (b) be of good moral character; and (c) have not less than six years’ experience in any activity which includes the management of human resources; or (d) not less than three years’ experience in any activity which includes the management of human resources and be in possession of a University degree or diploma in a field which, in the opinion of the Director, is relevant to the management of an employment agency or employment business 

3.  Before applying for a license you are required to publish a “Notice of intention” for just one day in two different daily newspapers. Display another copy of such “Notice of intention” in a prominent place onto the door of your premises where the business is intended to be carried out. The “Notice of intention” should be displayed for at least for 21 calendar days before making the application.  The "Notice of intention" should state the name, ID and address of applicant. If the applicant is a Company or Joint Venture, the Company Number/s, Company Name/s, registered address and the operating address.  When applying as a Partnership, the names, IDs and addresses of each partners together with the address of the premises at which the employment agency or employment business is to be carried out are to be included. 

It is also important that on the Notice of Intention, a reference is made to the Employment Agencies Regulations.

You are also to mention the class of activities to be carried out such as

·         Recruitment Consultancy.

·         Interviewing, selection and placements of candidates in employment.

·         Recruitment persons abroad for employment in Malta or in any E.U. Member State.

·         Recruitment persons in Malta for employment in Malta or in any E.U. Member State.

·         Advertising of the filling of vacancies.

·         Keeping a register of applicants for employment.

4. With reference to the application form “Item 9 Method of financing of the services” you are to make it clear that “no fees will be collected from any Candidate”.

5. It is also important to show your Employment Agency License number on your website (E.A. ###-year) especially on the recruitment page. This is to be quoted in every correspondence you make with Our Department of Industrial and Employment Relations. Please send us all links to your sites.

6. After twenty one ( 21 ) calendar days from the last published letter of intention you should fill in an application form​​.

7. More detailed information can be accessed from the Employment Agencies Regulations​.

8. Together with the application (ensure it is completely filled) you must provide the following:

·      The Competent Person’s recent Police conduct certificate which is to be collected from the Police Headquarters in Floriana.  the competent person is the official person managing the Employment Agency which could be the Director himself).

·       The Competent Person’s CVs showing his/her qualifications and experience.

·       The Competent Person’s Birth Certificate.

·       An annual license fee of Euro 349.41 payable to D.I.E.R. ( Department Of Industrial & Employment Relations ) and addressed to 121, Melita Street, Valletta.

·       Your payment has to be made by Cheque (on the back of the Cheque please write your Name and Surname or your Employment Agency Name).

·       List of all Directors with all their identity number and contact details.


9. Additional information which needs to be submitted with the application  would be the following;


·       A copy of the MFSA Certificate if the Employment Agency has been registered as a Company

·       ​​​​​The copy of the deed if the Employment Agency is a Partnership or a Joint Venture.

​·       A copy of the Jobsplus Employment record sheet showing that the Competent Person is employed with this New Employment Agency.


10. Please ensure that you also abide with these requirements;

·      We wish to make it clear that no fees can be collected from any candidate.

·      The Competent Person should at all times be available in his/her office for inspection by our Inspectors. Contact us if you want to appoint a substitute.

·      All renewal payments are to reach our office before the Employment Agency License expires.

·      Your website should show your Official Employment Agency Name and License number especially on the recruitment page.

·      The Competent Person is to inform us with any changes especially when changing the address of the business office.

11. Kindly note that all correspondence including the application are to be either in English or Maltese.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you may need more help on Tel: 23975114 or email us on