The Department of Industrial and Employment Relations  regulates employment contracts in an equitable manner in order to ensure that both the employee and employer observe their rights and obligations. Additionally, the Department strives to ensure that no discriminatory practices take place and that workers whose employment relationship has been terminated are well protected. The Employment and Industrial Relations Act (EIRA) together with National Standard Orders and Wage Regulation Orders are the laws that regulate the conditions of work.

The Inspectorate and the Terminations sections are a core function of the Department and are located at 109 Melita Street Valletta.  These sections cater for the observance and the enforcement of the EIRA regulations.

»  The Inspectorate Section provides prompt customer care service to all employees and employers who require assistance regarding conditions of employment. Inspections are carried out at places of work to ensure that the conditions of employment, as prescribed by law, are observed.

»  The Terminations Section deals with cases of job termination and referral of cases to court.

Both sections are usually very busy receiving clients’ queries. The officials involved do their utmost to provide an effective service.  Data related to the service that was collected in the first 6 months of 2009, indicates that 18 persons per day were recorded to have come in person at the reception desk while the average waiting time stood at 8.49 minutes. It is estimated that a further 1800 queries are received by telephone every month.

​» The Inspectorate and Terminations sections opening hours are as follows:

  Summer (16th June – 3​0th Septembe​r)​​
​08:00 hrs – 12:00 hrs (noon)
  Winter (1st October – 15th June) except for Wednesdays 08:00 hrs – 15:30 hrs
 ​ Wednesdays ​in Winter ​(1st October - 15th June) ​08:00 hrs - 12:00 hrs (noon)

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