IVF Leave

IVF Leave

Prospective  parents  who  receive  medically  assisted  procreation,  are entitled to one hundred hours of leave  paid in full by the employer between them, independently from other types of leave entitlements. This applies irriespectively for procedures whether done in  or outside Malta.

If both the prospective parents are in employment, the prospective  parent  who is the receiving person shall be entitled to sixty hours of leave, while the other prospective parent is entitled to forty hours of leave, and they may take it at the same time whether employed with the same or with different employers. If only one of the prospective parents is in employment, the  hours of leave shall be enjoyed depending on whether the employed prospective parent would be acting as the receiving person (sixty hours) or not (forty hours).

The prospective parent shall provide proof to the employer that he is the receiving or the non-receiving person, and proof about the employment status of the other prospective parent.

The  entitlement  to  one  hundred hours of leave for medically assisted procreation with full pay shall be granted for every process up to a maximum of three processes.

An employee who intends to avail himself of such leave has to inform the employer in writing at least 2 weeks beforehand, and include a written certification by the medical practitioner in charge of such a procedure.​