Sick Leave

Sick Leave

The amount of sick leave varies substantially according to the relevant Wage Regulation Order that regulates the specific sector of industry. Detailed information can be found in the Department's Resource Pack​​. Where the type of activity of work is not regulated by any W.R.O., the sick leave entitlement of an employee amounts to two working weeks per year (calculated in hours) as stipulated by S.L. 452.101 - Minimum Special Leave Entitlement Regulations.

In occasions of sickness, a medical certificate has to be presented to the employer. If the absence from work is not covered by a medical certificate, other arrangements (like applying for leave) have to be sought.

The employer is only required to issue wages for the amount of sick leave entitlement provided by law. If an employee remains sick after having exhausted all the sick leave entitlement, s/he will only continue to receive the Sickness benefit from the Social Security to which s/he may be entitled.


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