Notice Period

When terminating employment during a probationary period, a one week notice applies if the length of service is longer than one month.

In case of indefinite contracts which extend beyond the probation period, notice has to be given prior to the termination of employment. Notice is to be given either by the employee, or by the employer in cases of redundancy. Notice is calculated on the employee’s continuous length of service, as follows:


 » Not more than one month - No notice

 » More than one month and up to six months - One week

 » More than six months and up to two years - Two weeks

 » More than two years and up to four years - Four weeks

 » More than four years and up to seven years - Eight weeks

 » More than seven years and up to eight years - Nine weeks

 » More than eight years and up to nine years - Ten weeks

 » More than nine years and up to ten years - Eleven weeks

 » More than ten years - Twelve weeks

Longer periods may be agreed by the employer and employee in the case of technical, administrative, executive or managerial posts 

The established notice period cannot be extended. 

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